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ZipRecruiter Review

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PROS / It includes a comprehensive range of features and is only one of two services that including candidate screening.

CONS / ZipRecruiter does not post job ads to Monster or CareerBuilder.

 VERDICT / This job posting service also acts as a communication tool, allowing hiring personnel to collaborate on recruiting.

ZipRecruiter, the winner of our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award, is extremely simple to use, providing a way for hiring personnel to find qualified candidates without stressing. Many hiring managers who used ZipRecruiter’s job posting solution comment that they found their perfect employee in a week or less. If you want this hiring capability, you can subscribe to a monthly ZipRecruiter plan that lets you post 1, 10, 20 or 50 open jobs. The range of monthly plans makes ZipRecruiter the ideal job posting service for small, medium and large companies. Also, there is no limit to the number of applicants you can receive from a job board.

ZipRecruiter is more than just a tool to spread the word out about your company’s open positions, it is also a way to communicate with the other hiring personal on your team, ensuring that you pick an applicant that everyone is satisfied with. You can add multiple users to your company’s ZipRecruiter profile, and each of these users can look through resumes, write and store notes and rank the applicants. Since users can collaborate on hiring and communicate their opinions of applicants through ZipRecruiter’s note function, this job posting solution becomes a powerful hiring tool.

Job Boards Served

This job posting solution allows you to post to 20 different job boards with one click. Compared to manually posting jobs to each job board, ZipRecruiter saves recruiters hours of work and lets them focus on reviewing the resumes they receive. ZipRecruiter is also continually expanding by adding new job boards to their repertoire. The job boards you can post to with ZipRecruiter include:

  • Bright
  • Careerjet
  • Craigslist
  • DiversityJobs.com
  • eBay Classifieds
  • Employment Crossing
  • Google base
  • Hire Health
  • Indeed
  • Juju
  • JustJobs.com
  • OLX
  • Oodle
  • Simply Hired
  • Trovit
  • Twitter
  • Vast
  • Yakaz
  • Zip Recruiter

Even though ZipRecruiter doesn’t serve a large number of job boards, the job boards they do serve include many popular ones that are routinely searched by qualified candidates, like Indeed. Unfortunately, ZipRecruiter did not rank higher in this category because it does not support Monster and CareerBuilder, two big names in the world of online job boards.

One advantage to using ZipRecruiter is that many of the job posting fees are waived. Many large job boards require you to pay a fee to post your open job, but this fee is covered by your ZipRecruiter subscription.

Be aware that it takes 24 hours for a new or edited job posting to generate on a job board. It also takes the same length of time for a filled position to be deleted from job boards.


You can integrate ZipRecruiter with your company’s in-house application tracking system. If your company does not have an application tracking system, ZipRecruiter also functions as a tracking system. You can add multiple users to your company’s ZipRecruiter account, allowing all your hiring personal access to the account. Additionally, you can change the settings to allow only the hiring manager to create a job posting or perform other hiring functions. This guarantees that only the employees with the proper authority make final hiring decisions, but it also ensures that tasks are not performed multiple times, since only one person has the ability to complete those functions.

Several features allow hiring personnel to communicate. Each ZipRecruiter user in your company can rate candidates (with one through five stars) or hide candidates who are not qualified for the position. Also, each user can write notes to record and share their thoughts about a particular applicant. Creating labels such as “invite for interview” or “interviewed” for candidates' files can help you keep track of where your applicants are in the hiring process.

One great feature provided by ZipRecruiter is the candidate screening, which helps you sort through your candidates before you even interview them. You can easily write multiple choice, yes/no and free-form interview questions that applicants must fill out when they respond to your company’s job posting. These interview questions will accompany your application process no matter which job board applicants find your job ad on. Recruiters know that such candidate screening makes it clear which applicants are qualified and which aren’t.

With your ZipRecruiter account, you can collect unlimited candidates for your open jobs. In other words, you can view and keep every resume from applicants who reply to your job posting. ZipRecruiter also allows you to search a database of resumes if you want to be more aggressive in your candidate search. Depending on your ZipRecruiter subscription, you can view a specified amount of resumes a month.

ZipRecruiter also allows you to customize the look of your job posting to match your company’s image and further company branding. You can upload your company’s logo to accompany your job posting and match the heading to your company’s colors.

Recruiting metrics show you which job boards are generating the most candidates. This information will help you and your hiring personnel make educated decisions about your company’s hiring budget, allowing you to strategically place each job posting to reach the largest number of candidates.

ZipRecruiter also allows you to export your applicants to an Excel file, so you can to stay organized when you are away from your computer.

Ease of Use

ZipRecruiter makes it really easy to post jobs and start looking for resumes right away. In fact, we found it to be one of the easiest job posting services to use. After you sign into your company’s ZipRecruiter account, you will see five tabs at the top of the page. They are labeled My Jobs, My Candidates, Resume Database, Account and Help. These clearly labeled tabs help you navigate this job posting solution – you’ll know just where to go to create and view jobs, look at applicants and make changes to your account. The simplicity of this interface makes the hiring process stress-free.

When you want to post an open job, you go to the My Jobs tab and click on the green button labeled Create New Job. From there you enter in the job ad and a brief description of your company. We found this process easier than that of other job posting solutions because this page only has a few fields to fill in while other job listing services often have an overwhelming amount of fields for you to fill in. In fact, it is extremely easy to fill out a job posting with ZipRecruiter because most of the fields, such as the company description and location, auto generate after the first time you fill them out.

After filling out the job description, you can write interview questions to screen applicants, mark which HR representative will receive the email alerts of new candidates and choose the job boards where you want your job posting to appear.

ZipRecruiter also provides helpful hints as you fill out the job description, further easing the hiring process and ensuring that job seekers will find your job posting.

Help & Support

ZipRecruiter offers help and support through email and phone. Although the developers do not provide an email address, they offer a comments form on their website, which you can use to specify concerns or ask questions about job posting. When you are finished filling out the form, you can email it to a ZipRecruiter customer representative.

If email is not fast enough for you, you can also call ZipRecruiter with your questions about job posting solutions during regular business hours. You will also find an FAQs page on the ZipRecruiter website. Here you can find the answers to many practical questions about how to perform the functions necessary for posting jobs.

We also appreciate the help that this job posting solution offers to boost the number of applicants you receive from a job post. If you request feedback on your job description, a ZipRecruiter representative will help you optimize and improve your job ad, ensuring that applicants will see and reply to your jobs.


ZipRecruiter provides an excellent job posting service that simplifies your hiring process. With this posting solution, you will be able to effectively post job ads, organize applicant responses and facilitate communication among your company’s hiring personnel. These capabilities make it that much easier for you to find the perfect new employee.