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Online Job Listing Review

Why Job Posting Solutions?

Now you can finally find that perfect applicant. With the help of a job posting solution, you can effectively advertise your company’s open jobs and find more candidates who are qualified. These web services post your job description effortlessly and automatically to many job boards of your choice. In this review we will compare the best multiple job board posting solutions to help you decide which is best for you.

Without this capability, your company’s HR employees must manually upload the job description to each job board individually, a menial task that can consume hours of company time. If hiring managers need to update a job ad, they must, again, log into each separate job board and manually make changes to each description. Many recruiters regularly make small changes such as these to ensure that their job ad remains on the top page of a job board search. Considering all this time spent on updating job boards, maintaining job descriptions can be a full time job for your company’s HR manager. Save yourself the effort and invest in a job posting solution that will complete days of work in just one click.

Many of these posting solutions work in tandem with your company’s application tracking system, or if your company doesn’t already have an in-house system, the posting solutions often act as an application tracking system as well. With these capabilities, you can view resumes, rate applicants and write notes to other hiring personal. These functions transform basic hiring solutions into powerful communication tools. Out of all the posting solutions we reviewed, we found that JobScore, ZipRecruiter and ResumeWare provide the best features and support the most popular job boards. We invite you to read our articles on posting solutions to learn more. Also, below we’ve described the criteria we used to find and rank the best job posting solutions.

Job Posting Solutions: What to Look For

Job Boards Served
This section will discuss the number of job boards supported by each site. Although it is important that job posting solutions serve a large number of job boards, most hiring managers only post an open job to three or four job boards. Because of this, it is essential that posting solutions allow you to post to your favorite job boards. For this reason, we discuss which popular job boards each posting solution supports.

Job posting solutions have many essential features that not only help you find applicants, but help you keep their information and resumes organized once you have found them. Many solutions also track which job boards attract each applicant, so you can see how to best spend your recruiting budget. You can easily take these figures, as well as other information generated by the job posting solutions, and create a custom report for your superiors.

Ease of Use
You will want a posting solution that is easy for all your hiring personnel to use. In this section, we will discuss how easy or difficulty it is to navigate each job posting solution, so you can decide on a solution that lightens your burden, instead of one that complicates your hiring process.

Help & Support
The developers of these web services should provide help and support through telephone and email. In addition to these support methods, each website should have a FAQs page that answers common questions. We’ll let you know what each website provides and which websites are lacking in customer support.

Read our comprehensive reviews of the best job posting solutions to decide which solution is right for you and your company.

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